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Hi I am wondering which bag would be a good bag for on the go... running to school with the kids, the gym, groceries etc..? It seems the Neverfull is the most popular but I think its just ok looking? The Totally bag might be better with all the pockets. Is there any other bag that would be a good choice as I would rather have a large purse but many do not have pockets and I feel it would be a big unorganized mess!


Congrats!!! I have both and lvoe them!! Happy Birthday!!


Beautiful! louis vuitton purse

,Limelight in Copper ,

Congrats! Can we see it on? Modeling pics??

,^ita lv bag,

Thank you all.I have one more reveal left but havent recieved it yet.You will be surprised. hehehe... Hint Hint: This time, it wont be a Idylle. MWAHHA louis vuitton bag


This probably isn't a really ground breaking idea, but...I use my Wapity to hold my collection of lip glosses & chapsticks. Its just the right size for lipstick, smaller sized lip glosses, & chapstick. I now make sure stuff fits before I buy it, lol.


ello all you amazing TPF guys and gals!! I wanted to share my purchase with you all.. I've been wanting this on and off since October, I kept putting it off thinking it'll always be there, and purchasing other bags in the process.. but I kept on thinking about it, it louis vuitton outlet


We are bag twins! You made the right choice, a very versatile bag. louis vuitton purse


Get both if it's really going to be tax-free! Keep them at home for a few days so you can decide which one you want to keep and just return the other one. Just explain to the SA that's your plan... so they aren't surprised when you go in to return it. lv bags

So, I'm going to add to my collection soon (well, maybe later than sooner ) and I was just wondering your thoughts on these bags. Which one would you choose & why? If you own one why do you love it? Thanks tPF LV lovers!I also am looking at the Tivoli PM, too, but I was really wanting a shoulder bag. louis vuitton bags
,woooowzerssss! How beautiful!! Congrats!I'm in that decision phase of what Speedy to get (none so far!),when I was at the store last week I tried on the Speedy B in 30 and it's soooo great! I don't need mine for school or anything,but I think the straps-option is so cool. Seeing it here again in 40 is just making me all nervous again! lv bags.