February  29,  2012

School district, teachers agree

Superintendent Mark Holodick announced that the Brandywine School District administration has reached "tentative agreement" on a new contract with the union representing its teachers.

He offered no details at the school board meeting on Feb. 27 and neither he nor David Bradley, president of the union, Brandywine Education Association, responded to Delaforum requests for elaboration.

Holodick did say that he expects to present the new contract to the board for ratification at its March meeting. Procedure in the past has been for members of the collective bargaining unit to vote to ratify before a contract goes to the board.

Since adminisrators, board members and teachers will know terms of the agreement well before the board meeting, it was not clear why the public must wait until the result is made final before being informed. As noted in the agenda for the board meeting, strategy for collective bargaining is shielded from disclosure by the state Freedom of Information Act "but only when [disclosure] would have an adverse effect on the bargaining ... position of the public body."

Brandywine teachers have been working without a contract so far in this academy year.

As previously reported, the district in January indicated in a public statement that revision of some work rules was the issue that stymied negotiations. District spokeswoman Alexis Andrianopoulos previously confirmed that the district and union went to mediation in early February.


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