April,  2012

Memos at random


Teachers in the Brandywine School District will receive 4% increases in the portion of their pay financed with local money in each of the next two academic years and are guaranteed that any pay raises for state employees during that time will be passed on in full. The state-local division is about 70%-30%.

The increases are included in a new three-year labor contract which is retroactive to last July 1 and runs through Aug. 31, 2014. It provides no salary adjustment for the current academic year.

The contract contains voluminous modifications to work rules. One that appears notable is a provision that seems to require teachers to honor requests from parents or community residents to visit a classroom at a mutually convenient time while school is in session. Teachers have a right, at their option, to have an administrator present.

Agreement on the new contract was reached in February and it was ratified by the school board -- unanimously and with no comments or discussion -- at a board meeting in March. The district made the document available in response to a Delaforum requset under terms of the state Freedom of Information Act.