July 28,  2011

Post offices in the state
may be spared closure

 Delaware is the only state not on the U.S. Postal Service's hit list.

The quasipublic agency on July 27 posted a list of about 3,700 small post offices in 49 states and the District of Columbia, mostly in rural communities, that are potential candidates for closure.

Agency spokesman Ray Daiutolo Sr. said no office in Delaware met the criteria for inclusion on the initial list.

ostal Service officials  emphasized that this is not the final word and that a decision is at least several months away. The agency will first hold public meetings, send out surveys and ask for written comments.

Communities that do lose their post offices would not lose their ZIP codes. Some neighborhoods could gain a post office-like alternative that would offer the most popular services, the Postal Service's announcement said.

The Postal agency is working with businesses to launch 'village post fffices' in grocery stores and other retail locations, carved-out spots where customers could buy stamps, mail flat-rate packages and possibly rent post office boxes. The businesses would staff the centers themselves potentially around the clock in retail outlets that never close and take a share of the revenue.

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