September 15,  2011

Brandywine referendum
timetable  has been set

Brandywine School District will hold its tax referendum of Mar. 28, 2012.

According to a schedule posted on the district website the school board will formally approve a referendum plan at its regular business meeting on Jan. 23.

As Delaforum previously reported, Superintendent Mark Holodick announced the intention to hold the first tax referendum on five years at the board's August meeting.

The district is presently in the process of forming committees which will be charged with recommending the scope of the increase in the local tax rate to finance operations to be sought at the referendum. Under state law voters are asked to approve an upper limit to the rate which the board sets annually.

The local operating expense component of the current Brandywine rate is 82.1˘ for every $100 of assessed property value. In addition, district taxpayers are charged 46.8˘ per $100 countywide rate which has been fixed by state law since the New Castle County district was split into four districts in 1981. The operating expense component is 70% of Brandywine’s $1.8385 per $100 total tax rate.

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