January  14,  2011

Kovach upsets Sheldon
in the special election

Former state representative Tom Kovach was elected president of New Castle County Council by a hefty 57.5%-to-41.7% margin. He joins two other Republicans, Janet Kilpatrick and Robert Weiner, on the 13-member Council. It remains to be seen how much influence he will be able to bring to the assembly, which seldom acts in partisan fashion. Kovach vested Tim Sheldon, who retains his ninth district Council seat. As expected, the special election attracted a sparse turnout. County Executive Paul Clark, former Council president, and his wife, land use attorney Pam Scott, and their potential conflict of interest were the main issue in the abbreviated campaign. Both candidate pledged to oppose any property tax increase this year, although many observers believe a bid to enact one is inevitable.

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