January  11,  2011

Brandywine fills vacant
seat on the school board

Brandywine school board appointed Audrey Noble, a resident of the Bellevue area, to fill the seat vacated when Debra Heffernan resigned last November following her election to be a state representative. Noble, an education policy analyst at the University of Delaware, told Delaforum she has had no previous involvement, volunteer or otherwise, with the Brandywine district, but has been "involved with work related to education for 16 years." District spokeswoman Alexis Andrianopoulos said, "A prior connection to the District and-or children in district schools are not prerequisites to serving on the board.  She has a strong background in educational policy and great knowledge of Delaware standards, assessment, and curriculum."

The board's unanimous vote followed an application and interview process conducted by the board behind closed doors. Superintendent Mark Holodick did not reveal her identity until after the vote at a special meeting preceding a board 'workshop' on Jan. 10. The board voted on a motion to approve the "item discussed in executive session." Andrianopoulos said there were several inquiries about the position, but only two persons actually applied. She did not identify the unsuccessful candidate, but said he or she also was "highly qualified."  Noble's appointment is through June, when Heffernan's term was to have expired. If she desires to remain on the board beyond that point, she will have to stand for public election in May.

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