May 12,  2011

Yard waste disposal site
will remain in operation

Holland Mulch will continue to accept, without charge, residential yard waste under terms of a five-year agreement with the Department of Natural Resources & Environmental Control. The firm has been doing so since the department closed its Brandywine Hundred disposal site off Caufiel Drive last summer  in response to community complaints about noise and its generally unsightly condition. At that time officials said Du Pont Co. had offered a small tract at the intersection of Edgemoor and Hay Roads, opposite the main gate of its Edgemoor plant, as a dumping site. Holland Mulch, located on the adjacent property, was said to have agreed to operate the new site for the department. Meanwhile, the firm would allow individuals to use its commercial dump without charge.

Debra Nielson, of the department's air and hazardous waste division, said it turned out that Du Pont wanted to lease the unused tract to the state and to have the department assume the obligation to clean up environmental contamination there. She did not provide requested information about what that would likely have cost. She did say that the arrangement with Holland required the department to pay to construct a new entrance to its site to separate residential users from commercial users. That, she said, amounted to "about $45,000." She added that that was not "taxpayer money," but came from a fund accumulated from penalties assessed for violations of hazardous waste regulations. Holland sells the mulch that it generates from the waste.

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