June 28,  2011

Diocese fiddles with liturgy
while real issues burn


The Diocese of Wilmington, feeling the effects of bankruptcy caused by the despicable and criminal acts of a few of its priests and years of mismanagement which enabled them to happen, is  preparing  for changes in its primary form of worship. It's hard to understand why so much effort is being devoted, here and elsewhere throughout the county, to inconsequential modifications in the wording of prayers and responses of the Mass at a time when the future of the Church is jeopardized by real and significant issues.

That was demonstrated last weekend when the soon-to-be-killed diocesan newspaper, The Dialog, devoted gallons of ink to the new rules while ignoring the precipitous closing of Pope John Paul School. Diocesan officials certainly decided to do that weeks if not months ago, but parents of the affected children were not told it was in the offing -- nor, of course, invited to participate in the decision -- until the academic year had ended and family plans for the coming year had been fixed.

Whether the school's closing was a result of the bankruptcy or coincidental it would appear that Catholics in the pews and lay people about to lose their jobs are being asked to bear most of the burden while the diocese reorganizes. It will be these same people who'll be asked to par-ticipate in the capital campaign the bishop has said will be conducted a few years hence to restore the diocese's financial health. That ought to be an effective  referendum on their feelings.

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