Brandywine Hundred Update

Jim Parks, editor

April 29, 2016

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Delaware Transit Corp. has applied to the U.S. Department of Transportation for a $20 million 'Tiger' grant to help finance completion of the planning for and start of construction of a new Claymont train station. 'Tiger' is an acronym for 'Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery'. According to Brett Saddler, executive director of Claymont Renaissance Development Corp., a previous application was rejected on "highly technical" grounds. This time around, he told the April 27 meeting of the Claymont Design Review Advisory Council, "we think we have a very good chance" to be awarded the competitive grant. If so, he said, it would cover about half the estimated $40 million cost of the station. State capital budget money and other federal programs would cover the other half. The station would be located about midway between the present station, off Myrtle Avenue, and the bridge carrying the Amtrak railroad tracks over Philadelphia Pike at Naamans Road, he said. A new station is part of extensive redevelopment of the former Evratz steel plant.



Brandywine Hundred Democrats will have several choices to make when they go to the polls to vote in the primary election on September 13.  So far. Republicans can stay home. They have no primary contests to determine who will be on the ballot for the general election on November 8. As of April 29, the Democrats have seven nomination contests. Four incumbents are being challenged. Below is a list of candidates who will be on the primary ballot in election districts in Brandywine Hundred, provided by the Department of Elections for New Castle County. Other persons can file on or before July 12. Not presently on the list is Congressman John Carney who has publicly announced that he will run for governor although has has not officially filed to be a candidate. If he does, it is not likely that any other Democrat will oppose him.



U.S. Representative

Sean Barney

Michael C. Miller Sr.

Lisa Blunt Rochester

Bryon Townsend

R. E. Walker


Lucey Lafferty

Lieutenant Governor

Bradley S. Eaby

Gregory Fuller Sr.

Bethany Hall-Long

Kathleen McGuiness

Ciro Poppiti III

Sherry Dorsey Walker

Insurance Commissioner

Paul J. Gallagher Jr.

George Parrish

Trinidad Navarro

* Karen Weldin Stewart

State Senate District 1

* Harris B. McDowell III

James Spadola

State Senate District 5

Denise Bowers

* Cathrine Cloutier

State House District 1

* Charles Potter Jr.

State House District 6

* Debra Hefferman

State House District 7

David D. Brady

Robert Cameron

Joseph Daigle

* Bryon Short

State House District 10

* Sean Matthews

Dennis E. Williams

State House District 12

* Deborah D. Hudson

County Executive

* Thomas P. Gordon

Barry Nahe

Matthew E. Meyer

Clerk of the Peace

* Kenneth W. Boulden Jr.

County Council President

Karen Hartley-Nagle

Penrose Hollins

David Roberts

County Council District 8

* John Cartier

* Incumbent    



Barack Obama has done more to restore a sick economy than any President since Franklin Roosevelt. That's the gist of an in-depth article by Andrew Ross Sorkin, published in this week's edition of New York Times Magazine. Not surprisingly considering the country's political divide, he has received little acknowledgement of the economic achievements of his nearly eight years in office and virtually no credit for them. High on that list are saving the automobile industry, rescuing the banking business, significantly reducing unemployment and providing medical insurance to millions of Americans who previously were unable to obtain coverage. Politicians and pundits -- mostly but not exclusively with a conservative bent -- have turned from trying to unseat Obama to sullying his historic reputation. We highly recommend Sorkin's article, not as a way to 'get the other side' but to provide a perspective for evaluating the misinformation and downright lies you'll be hearing between now and November. If you don't normally read the Times, the article is available on its website.




 Saturday, April 30  9:15p.m. until noon  talks and workshops  'Bringing Nature Home to Your Yard'  Trinity Presbyterian Church, Naamans and Darley Roads, Brandywine Hundred  no admission fee  Sponsored by Naamans Creek Watershed Association, Council of Civic Organizations of Brandywine Hundred and Trinity Presbyterian Church

  Tuesday, May 3   5 p.m.  New Castle County Historic Review Board business meeting  Government Center,  87 Reads Way, Corporate Commons

Tuesday, May 3  7 p.m.  New Castle County Planning Board public hearing hearing on proposed redevelopment of part of Concord Plaza off Silverside Road east of Concord Pike  Gilliam Building   67 Reads Way, Corporate Commons  The Buccini/Pollin Group proposes to demolish eight of the existing buildings and construct a mixed-used development with 483,214 squar4e feet of retail and office space and 341 apartment units.

Tuesday, May 3  7 p.m.  Informational meeting concerning the May 17 tax referendum  Carrcroft Elementary School, 503 Crest Road, Carrcroft

¶  Saturday, May 7 10 a.m. until Sunday, May 8 noon  New Castle County Department of Community Service 'Sleep Under the Stars' event  Rockwood Mansion Park, Washington Street Extension, Brandywine Hundred   no admission charge   program details and registration at the county government website,

  Monday, May 9   7 p.m.  Brandywine School Board meeting   Mount Pleasant Elementary School, 500 Duncan Road, Brandywine Hundred 

¶  Tuesday, May 10  1:30 p.m. New Castle County Council committee meetings Redding Building, 800 French Street, Wilmington

¶  Tuesday, May 10  6:30 p.m.  New Castle County Council meeting Redding Building, 800 French Street, Wilmington

¶  Thursday,  May 12  6 p.m.  New Castle County Board of Adjustment public hearing, Government Center. 87 Reads Way, Corporate Commons

 Thursday, May 12  7 p.m.  Informational meeting concerning the May 17 tax referendum  Brandywine High School, 1400 Foulk Road, Brandywine Hundred 

   Tuesday, May 17  9 a.m.  New Castle County Planning Board business meeting  Government Center,  87 Reads Way, Corporate Commons

  Tuesday, May 17   10 a.m. to 8 p.m.  Brandywine School District tax referendum  district schools and other public places to be announced. Voters will be asked to approve an increase in the property tax rate and sale of bonds to finance capital projects. 

  Tuesday, May 17   5 p.m.  New Castle County Historic Review Board public hearing  Government Center,  87 Reads Way, Corporate Commons

¶  Tuesday, May 24  6:30 p.m.  New Castle County Council meeting Redding Building, 800 French Street, Wilmington Agenda includes approval of county government's fiscal 2017 budgets and property-tax rate.

 Monday, May 30   6 p.m.  Memorial Day parade  marching on Delaware Avenue from Woodlawn Avenue to Broom Street, Wilmington. Parade to be followed by a memorial service at the Soldiers & Sailors Monument, Delaware Avenue and Broom Street. This will be the 149th consecutive annual observance honoring those who gave their lives for their country in all U.S. wars.

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