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I think it's great and very masculine. Not gay at all. And yea I think you should definitely get the groom coin purse!


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Is the Vernis Case easily clean if I spill makeup inside? louis vuitton bags
,You did the right thing OP. She is lucky to have a friend like you. She probably wouldn't mind you carrying your new bag, but leaving it behind was a selfless thing to do. louis vuitton louis,

Congrats :) I love that bag and plan on getting one too! christian louboutin replica

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I have carried my NF GM Azur - always cinched - almost every day this spring/summer. I love it! It did bug me that the sides would fall in at the top when it was cinched and wouldn't keep its shape very well. Thanks to tPF, I found out about the Purse to Go organizer (got the zip up one) that helps the bag stay upright and me more organized. Now I'm an even happier NF GM owner and wearer! Great video! lv bag


Congrats on your goodies!! The Hampstead with the charm looks gorgeous on you. LV